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Quality Management

In line with our strategy, Komaspec employs a sophisticated real-time monitoring digitized quality management system to ensure high quality and consistent performances. The quality control department consists of seven experienced engineers who enforce strict quality control and monitoring via our IT platform. Our quality management system comprises four main characteristics.


Komaspec’s digitized QC platform gives customers the opportunity to keep an eye on the current state of their products. Customers are allowed individual access to the system from their locations. This empowerment fosters better quality management and is consistent with our customer-oriented strategy. We share what is useful to our customers.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our modern IT platform comprises a customized software and a framework of tablet-based monitoring system. All processes from different production stages, from the onset of incoming materials, right up to finished products, can be monitored in real time. This allows for immediate inspections and timely instructions to be made for changes to take place throughout the entire system.


Every aspect and every single step of the manufacturing process and final products are comprehensively checked. All QC checks are performed according to predetermined specifications followed by a definite answer – ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ with a detailed report.

Automated Process

Automation is key to the success of Komaspec’s quality control process. Prior to every manufacturing cycle, predefined algorithm will be set to enable automatic control and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process. This automation not only allows for checks, but also results in automatic adjustments and improvements.

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