Our account management team will help you define how to optimize your customized product manufacturing base on:

  • Product design
  • Certification requirements (CE, UL, CSA, ETL or TUV)
  • Component drawings
  • Tool and die manufacturing
  • Industrialization
  • Quality road map and CTQ requirements
  • Packaging design and testing
  • End-user requirements
  • Distribution costs from our three (3) China factories to US based-3PLs
  • Distribution costs from the distribution center to the end-user when B2C models is defined
Supply Chain@1X Product Assemblies (Finished Goods)

70% of our customers required full product assembly in Komaspec manufacturing facilities. From simple, custom mechanical assemblies to complex electro-mechanical assemblies, they need finished products, packaged and ready for retail, no matter if they sell online direct to consumer or in a brick and mortar shop. Komaspec ships directly to customer’s 3PLs, distribution centers and dealer networks in more than 25 countries.

As part of the design process, we work with the customer to custom design packaging to optimize distribution and freight costs, while ensuring products reach the end user looking brand new. Depending on product design and functionality, it is also possible to design knock-down or semi-knock-down packaging and assemblies to further reduce transportation costs.

Icon Subassembly@2X Sub-Assemblies

10% of the product we manufacture are sub-assembled in China, with the final assemblies completed in customer facilities. This can be a good solution to reduce logistics cost, reduce and simplify inventory while increasing on-time shipment due to higher options availability for market demand, especially in one of the following situations:

- Product design is modular, enabling various combination of sub-assemblies to create different finished products;

- Product design requires multiple sub-assemblies, some of which may not be cost competitive to make in China due to their low value per CBM (volume);

- Very large products that are not optimized for container loading;

- Product designs requiring final configuration and customization close to the end user, where supply of the standard sub-assemblies in Komaspec factory in China is cost-effective, while still allowing the final customization to be done close to the end-user;

Icon Components@2X Components and Parts

Our remaining customers purchase medium to high-volume custom-made components from our custom sheet metal fabrication facility. There are several reasons why this might be advantageous:

- Our manufacturing facilities in China can accommodate high volume, high velocity and fast manufacturing of custom parts and components, from precision sheet metal, custom pipe and tube, engineering plastic injection and CNC parts (Turning or milling); many on-shore facilities are geared to low volume projects

- Robust local supply chain allows for fast and low-cost tooling and fixtures to quickly and economically ramp-up production volumes;

- Spare Parts or replacement parts, with fast turnarounds compared to onshore OEM or off the shelf suppliers;

We have supported innovative companies in developing and scaling mass production for new product development in China since 2005.


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