As a quality contract manufacturer in China we leverage:

  • Scalable expertise in new product development, complex product assembly, and manufacturing;
  • Comprehensive in-house part manufacturing and fabrication capabilities;
  • Extensive experience in scaling mass production for diverse industries since 2005;
  • Advanced supply chain management for sourcing raw materials, custom, and standard parts & components.


for the benefit of our clients in multiple industries who require fast new product development with high-quality and competitive mass production services in China, to be delivered on time, all the time:


Industry Product Type Manufactured by Komaspec in China Product Categories
Agriculture, Farming, Agritech and Water Treatment

• Animal Feeding System

• Feeding Equipment Monitoring

• Farrowing System Feeding Solutions

• Gestation System Feeding Solutions

• RFID Trackers For Animal Monitoring

• IoT Agritech and Farming Equipment

• Gestation Equipment for Farms

• Cabinets with Harness

• UV Water Filtration System

• Water Purifier System

• Water Consumption Monitoring System

• Agritech Electrics Enclosures

• Automatic Monitoring System

• Component Manufacturing and assembly in our factories in China
Underground Mining and Surface Mining Equipment

• Charging Rack

• Mining Enclosures

• Battery Pack

• Lighting System

• Battery Craddle Charging System

• Cable with Overmolded IP Connectors

• Mining Light Tower

• Mining Safety Systems

• Mining Heavy Equipment

• Fabrication and Assembly in China

Durable Consumer Goods

• Bike Rack

• Bike Carrier

• Towbar Lock System

• DIY Drywall Hand Tool

• DIY Heavy Duty Hand Tool

• Swimming Pools accessories

• Power Washers

• TV Wall Mounts

• TV Adjustable Brackets

• Smart Standing Desk

• Wall Mount Fixing Frame

• Mobility and wheelchair parts and assemblies

• Ergonomic Student Standing Desk

• Generator Frame and Assemblies

• Solar Light System

• Complex assembly in our factories in China
Fitness Equipment

• Home Fitness Equipment

• Commercial Fitness Equipment

• Custom Fitness Equipment

• Gym Equipment for Strength

• Basketball Hoop Base

• Mechanical Assembly in China
Automotive & Recreational Vehicles

• Towbar Lock Accessories

• Hitch Accessories for Carriers

• Lock System for Bike Racks

• Snowmobile parts and Accessories

• Off-Road Vehicle Components and Sub-Assemblies

• Cargo Carriers

• Basket for Cars and ATV

• Winter and Summer Sport Racks

• Enclosures for train system

• Push Frame for Snowblower

• ATV Chassis Assembly

• ATV Kits

• Electric ATV components

• Mass production and manufacturing in China
Construction and Others

• Robotic Home Modular Storage Automation & Management System

• Home Elevator and Mobility System

• Industrial Products & Enclosures

• Rack System for Cryogenic Storage

• Cassette system for Cryogenic Storage

• Laboratory Storage Equipment and Shelves

• Re-usable Storage Solutions

• Extinguisher Brackets for new and existing construction

• Brackets for Air & Water Filtration

• Commercial Appliances

• Commercial Retail Equipment & Brackets

• Electro mechanical assembly in China

• Manufacturing and assembly in China

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