Why do our clients pick Komaspec?

The answers we hear most frequently from our customers about why they select Komaspec for their contract manufacturing projects are our superior flexibility, service and knowledge in contract manufacturing services. Our multi-cultural team has been helping innovative brands, OEMs and SMEs scale existing projects and bring new products to the market for more than 15 years. That experience means we also know how to best serve those same customers.

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Contract Manufacturing China
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Excellent communication

"As a design consultancy, working with Komaspec reduced the sourcing workload. We witnessed a reduction in the energy required to communicate the level of quality my clients need, to be competitive on global markets.

Their can-do attitude is what I appreciate the most from their services. I can spend more time on designing products and less energy on battling tooling compromises. Communication with Komaspec has always been good, some local suppliers do not fare so well. It is even faster than writing a few words on a piece of paper! Thank you for your support!”

Jérome Foy President, Foy Design

Exceptional partner

"Fast Track Tennis was a startup at a critical stage of needing to work out a few product issues and scale up production. As the founder, I was concerned as much about communication and integrity as I was about ability to execute. Komaspec has been an excellent choice and I would highly recommend them as a partner."

John Davey CEO, Fast Track Tennis

Quality improvement + 100%

“We are a business specializing in electrochemical products. Our mission is to spread our technology. After only 8 months working with Komaspec we developed new products and improved the quality of our existing products by 100%. Communication with our personal Komaspec account manager reduced lead time, delivery, and follow-up and price while increasing quality. Their products are fantastic.”

Gérard Binet President, Techno Protection

Reliability despite distance

“I have been doing business with Komaspec since 2005, and I now consider them as an integral part of my operation. They are always available for contact, even though they are on the other side of the world in China; their input and hard work in assisting my North American product development team has enabled my company to develop many finished goods. They helped with the turnkey operation without any travel involved. They take care of my needs as if they were part of my own business.”

Charles Goulet President, Innovaplas

In order for us to provide unmatched customer experiences and continue our innovation journey, our team must be supported by user friendly IT systems and latest technologies equipments.

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