We offer:

  • Finished Product Assemblies manufactured from components made in-house
  • Fast turnkey product manufacturing
  • Short lead times for complex, full assembly projects

Why choose Komaspec for assembly of finished products?

Komaspec’s assemblies are produced in-house on eight modern assembly lines, and in addition to our substantial component fabrication capabilities (plastic fabrication and metal fabrication), we have a well-established contract manufacturing service supply chain of more than 125 suppliers.

Component Fabrication and Assembly

Komaspec has an NPI team of 15 project managers and engineers who can provide extensive insights, design support and feedback, and help our customers kick-start new product introduction smoother, faster and with greater assurance.

Finished Product Assemblies

Komaspec employs the lean manufacturing principle and has a complete MES system and QC platform to ensure short lead times and high-quality products.

MES system and QC platform

Our ERP enables us to manage in-house manufacturing of finished products with multiple SKUs. Our most complex product manufactured to date is made of 320 components.

Finished Products with Multiple SKUs