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By involving us early-on in the product design process, we can help customers and their design team improve product performance and reliability, while controlling costs.

Designforcost Icon Design for Cost Reduction

Reducing product cost through design is something that takes an immense knowledge of the factors and processes behind the product; with a wide range of in-house production capabilities, Komaspec knows what drives cost reductions on both a component and assembly level. We share that knowledge with the customer, helping them to improve cost at the most critical stage: design.

Errorproofing Icon@1X Error Proofing

Through the design and testing of custom jigs, and go-no-gos, Komaspec can help the customer improve manufacturability and reduce the potential for error in the product manufacturing process.

Productlocalization Icon Product Design Localization

Working with the customer to help ensure that the customer’s design is updated to best suit production in China, by suggesting locally available parts and vendors, alternative materials, or other adjustments to ensure the best lead time, and a competitive price.

Productreliability Icon Product Reliability

A key concern at Komaspec is how to improve product reliability, reduce potential for failure, and lower the return risk to our customers. We work in close cooperation with customers on troubleshooting problematic components or assemblies and provide input from both our team and upstream suppliers in order to de-risk customer designs.

Design for Manufacturability

In order for us to provide unmatched customer experiences and continue our innovation journey, our team must be supported by user friendly IT systems and latest technologies equipments.

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