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Our Team

Komaspec is supported by a team of experienced and highly-skilled workforce, including 15 qualified engineers.

“The demand for contract manufacturers with the scale as well as expertise to continuously deliver quality products in the technical and high precision industry is constantly growing. At Komaspec, we strive to offer personalized turnkey contract manufacturing experiences to MNCs and brands in need of high-quality products that are built to specifications. In order to achieve unmatched customer experience, we are investing and transforming our vertically integrated factories into smart factories, from order to shipment.”

Mr. Maxime Berube

CEO & Founder

Mr. Conor Moore

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mr. Udi Nesher

Plant Manager

Mr. Anthony Lim

Engineering & Lean Manager

Ms. Olivia Zhong

Finance Manager

Mr. Matt Xing

Purchasing Manager

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