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At Komaspec, we have supported multiple innovative start-ups from the moment they start to design and engineer their new product, to 3D drawings, first prototypes, pilot productions and finally on to mass production.


Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowd-funded projects often face a number of problems:

  • Set time frames to deliver products to project supporters
  • Limited capital and unit economics
  • No ground presence or support staff in China
  • Limited engineering / design support
  • Limited experience in sourcing / mass production in China

Komaspec helps to alleviate these problems by bringing a combination of Western and Chinese management and know-how – we understand your home market and the challenges and expectations you face selling to overseas consumers. At Komaspec we understand the local manufacturing environment in China and how to manufacture quality products at competitive pricing with our extensive in-house fabrication capabilities. And we have a large engineering and manufacturing support team to help you troubleshoot products and move from the prototype phase to mass production. That experience also informs our project management and our ability to meet project deadlines.

Our three (3) factories in China

Together with our experienced engineering and manufacturing team will support you and ensure:

  • Products are designed to be functional, cost competitive and ready to scale in mass production, without taking quality risks;
  • Your product has undergone a design for manufacturing analysis for mass production in China to leverage local supply chain capabilities & processes;
  • The Quality Control Plan and Critical to Quality (CTQ) reflect the market needs, but also the manufacturing process and supply chain risk;
  • The packaging is optimized for online fulfillment and ocean transportation from China;
  • The product can be delivered on-time and on-budget – no surprise last minute price increases

We work together with our customer during the product lifecycle and help to support them in their journey from crowd-funded project through to mass production and fulfilment worldwide. Our international clients sell direct to consumers using Shopify, Amazon FBA or with their existing dealer and distributor networks. No matter the business model, we can help to set up shipment to distribution warehouses, to our client’s warehouse or to 3rd party logistic warehouses for fulfilment from China, as well as work with our packaging design vendors and suppliers to optimize your packaging to meet Amazon or courier requirements and minimize shipping costs as well as returns.



Contact us to have a design review with our expert team of project managers and dedicated account managers. We have supported innovative companies in developing and scaling mass production for their new product development in China since 2005. Don’t wait for the Crowdfunding campaign to be completed to contact Komaspec, get ahead of the curve with a trusted manufacturer with product development, assembly and fabrication capabilities in China.


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