Implementing Manufacturing Data Analytics

  • Komaspec reaches 150 employees.
  • Addition of multiple high end machineries including three (3) LVD Press Brake & Panasonic Welding Robot System.


Implementing Manufacturing Data Analytics

  • Komaspec develops and implements data analytics in its high-mix fabrication environment.
  • Komaspec reaches 125 employees.


Opening a Second Manufacturing Facility

  • Komaspec opens a 21,500 sq. ft. facility in Huadu District, China for sheet metal laser cutting and CNC sheet bending.
  • Komaspec implements real-time machine monitoring.


Finalizing Digitalization

  • Komaspec starts to completely digitalizing all its manufacturing processes.


Moving Toward a Smart Factory

  • Komaspec completes Pivot88 implementation.


Growth and Real-Time QC Monitoring

  • Komaspec grows to 80 employees and provides manufacturing services to clients across 15 countries.
  • Komaspec embarks on using welding robots by acquiring an ABB 1410.
  • Komaspec starts implementing Pivot88, an SAS that allows real-time quality control and monitoring of the manufacturing process.

2013 Autumn/Winter

Optimizing Manufacturing Management System

  • Komaspec uses IPAD tablets to provide real-time information to its fabrication team leaders.
  • Komaspec executes its first automation project and achieves 75% labor reduction in manual stamping.
  • Komaspec implements 6S across its factory and office in China.

2013 Summer

Moving to a Larger Factory

  • Komaspec moves its factory to a larger facility of 38,500 sq. ft. in Huadu District, China.
  • Komaspec invests in a CNC sheet bending machine and implements one piece flow manufacturing.


Opening of Factory

  • Komaspec opens its first factory of 13,000 sq. ft. in Huadu District, China, providing turnkey assembly and contract manufacturing services.
  • Komaspec invests in stamping machines, plastic injection machine and MIG/TIG welding with the objective to provide finished products made of sheet metal, tube and pipe, and plastic components.


Founding of Komaspec

  • Two Canadian engineers open an outsourcing and engineering office in Guangzhou, China with a headcount of five employees.