komaspec factory

About Us & Team

Canadian owned

Founded in 2005 by two Canadian engineers, Komaspec has become a world class manufacturer for plastic and metal products in the industry of contract and turnkey manufacturing, now operating a manufacturing facility based in Guangzhou, South China.

100+ employees

Starting with a headcount of 5 employees back in 2005, Komaspec has considerably grown to team of 100 employees, divided into 30 employees working in the office and 70 responsible for the factory.


Our manufacturing strategy

System and IT as the backbone of our business
One-to-one customer driven approach
Complex composition
Maintaining longterm relationships with suppliers, partners & clients
Vertical integration in the supply chain
Digitized quality control

Komaspec seeks to provide the most competitive and reliable turnkey manufacturing and contract manufacturing solutions for high end finished products of metal and plastic.


Turning its facility into a smart factory represents one of Komaspec’s top priorities. As becoming a smart factory is a long term process which requires a considerable amount of effort and investment, Komaspec is continuously driving this development and expanding its know how.

Our team

Komaspec is supported by a team of more than 100 people with 15 qualified engineers.

Jan Dobrovolsky -portrait-bg-image003
Mr. Jan Dobrovolsky
Sales & Marketing Manager
Mr. Udi Nesher
Plant Manager
Mr. CS Mok
Engineering & Lean Manager
Ms. Olivia Zhong
Finance Manager
Mr. Ivan Li
Purchasing Supervisor
Ms. Sophie Luo
HR and Admin. Supervisor

Our development timeline

Implementing real-time quality control monitoring

Komaspec successfully manufactures quality products to clients in 15 countries with a team of 80 dedicated team members. Komaspec purchases a new MAG/MIG Miller welding robot for ABB 1410 and starts the implementation of Pivot88, a SAS to monitor quality from the incoming material to the manufacturing of finished goods and WIP control.

Summer – 2013
Move to larger location

Komaspec moves its factory to a larger facitlity amounting to 38,500 SQF in Huadu, China and purchases a CNC sheet bending machine and implements one-piece-flow fabrication including stamping, drilling, tube bending & welding within one fabrication cell.

Opening of factory

Komaspec opens its 1st factory in Huadu, China with 13,000 SQF providing turnkey assembly and contract manufacturing services. Within the following two years, Komaspec purchases amongst others the following machines: CNC tube bending, ABB robot 1410, automatic feeder for stamping machine.

Opening of outsourcing and engineering office

Komaspec opens an outsourcing & engineering office in Guangzhou, China with sales in one country and a headcount of 5 employees.

Successful implementation and move towards smart factory

Having completed the implementation of IQC real-time quality control monitoring using Pivot88, Maxime Berube, CEO of Komaspec has been invited to the Shanghai Procurement Summit 2015. As a speaker he explained how Komaspec implements real-time quality control monitoring system in its manufacturing facility in Guangzhou.

Autumn/Winter 2013
Manufacturing management system optimization

Komaspec successfully implements IPAD tables to provide its fabrication team leaders drawings & schedules in real time. Additionally, Komaspec executes its first automation project and is able to reduce labor by 75% on manual stamping. In order to ensure quality and efficiency, Komaspec implements 6S across the whole factory and office in China.

Expansion in Europe

Komaspec now includes Belgium as a new territory served by its manufacturing services. In June 2012, Komaspec has signed an agreement with a major Belgium group.

Expanding to Vietnam

In addition to its facilities in Guangzhou, China, Komaspec opens outsourcing & engineering in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.