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Contract Manufacturing

Take advantage of our diverse team

Komaspec’s team is composed of local as well as Western engineers, who combine their skills, expertise and understanding of foreign markets to turn your ideas, concepts and drawings into reality – faster than you would ever expect.

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Contract manufacturing company
Komaspec is your one-stop-shop in Asia.

Disposing of an extensive machine equipment, Komaspec is able to execute the following manufacturing processes:

Progressive stamping
Welding (MIG, TIG, robot ABB)
Laser cutting
Sheet metal fabrication
CNC bending (tube and sheet)
Plastic injection
Surface finishing


Komaspec has the capability to execute medium volume orders as well produce for mass production.


Metal Works


Plastic Processing



Komaspec is a contract manufacturer acting as a key supplier to OEM as well as to tier 1 companies.


Design & market their own product

Tier 1

Design & manufacture for OEM

Tier 2

Manufacture assembly & sub-assembly

Tier 3

Manufacture simple components


Highly competitive prices

3 ways Komaspec optimizes your cost control strategy, without compromising the quality levels of product and service

1. Smart factory and lean manufacturing
High control, high automation, high real time management, low inventory, low waste.

2. Most efficient execution system with state of the art IT system
Optimize processes and shorten lead time.

3. Strong global network of partners and suppliers
Higher performance, lower costs.

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