Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal manufacturing process

Contract manufacturing – customised sheet metal fabrication in China

From medium volume to mass production, Komaspec is your preferred supplier for sheet metal works in China.

MaterialThicknessEquipmentSecondary ProcessFinishing Available
Aluminium T60.1 mmLaserTIG & MIGPowder Coating
Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)toCutting (Outsource) CNCWelding CNCRALA nodizing Electro
Hot Rolled Steel6.0 mmSheet Bending RollingSheet BendingCoating Zinc Plating
Stainless SteelStampingRiveting PEMHot Dip Galvanized
(SS34, SS316, SS301)Progressive StampingSandblast
Robot Stamping (ABB Robot 1410 with Fronius Welding System)Anodized
Custom-made Jig
Welding Notching

Why working with a contract manufacturing company for metal fabrication OEM?

Komaspec helps you to fine tune your product design (DFM) and ensures that your parts can be manufactured accurately, efficiently and with a quality that matches your specifications.

We strongly believe in making quality jig for welding to control the products “in-process”.

We have the capabilities to manufacture parts using steel, aluminium & stainless.

Our ERP enables us to manage the in-house manufacturing of finished products with multiple SKU’s. Our most complex product to date is made from 320 components.

As our factory in Guangzhou is vertically integrated, we can offer short manufacturing lead time for the manufacturing of new products and existing products.

We have the capabilities to manufacture complex, high precision parts.

Komaspec disposes of the best welding equipment for TIG & MIG.

If you need secondary/finishing processes such as welding, riveting, powder coating, anodizing and/or assembly, our 5 assembly lines will take care of it. We can deliver sub-assembly and finished products.

Our Work

Example of parts made for OEM projects


Highly competitive prices

3 ways Komaspec optimizes your cost control strategy, without compromising  the quality levels of product and service

1. Smart factory and lean manufacturing
    High control, high automation, high real time management, low inventory, low waste.

2. Most efficient execution system with state of the art IT system
    Optimize processes and shorten lead time.

3. Strong global network of partners and suppliers
    Higher performance, lower costs.

Let us quote you products you are already buying or new product development! You will experience the difference.

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