Regular & progressive stamping

Stamping Manufacturing process

Contract manufacturing – stamping & progressive dies in China

From medium volume to high volume items, Komaspec is your preferred supplier for stamping & progressive dies in China

MaterialThicknessMachineDiesSecondary ProcessFinishing Available
Aluminum0.116TRegular DieTIG & MIG WeldingPowder Coating
Aluminum T6to25TProgressive DiesCNC Sheet BendingRAL
Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)6.0 mm40TRivetingAnodizing
Hot Rolled Steel63TPEME Coating
Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316, SS301)80TZinc Plating
Brass Sheet160THot Galvanized

Why working with Komaspec on your stamping project?

Komaspec has the capabilities to manufacture complex, high precision stamping parts.

We execute our tooling in-house with a fast turnaround for new products.

In order to ensure the parts are manufactured accurately, competitively and with a quality that comply with the clients’ requirements, Komaspec assists in fine tuning its customers’ product designs.

Our 5 assembly lines can do assembly, sub-assembly or deliver finished products ready for shipment.

We provide all secondary and finishing processes such as welding, riveting, powder coating and anodizing in-house.

Komaspec’s stamping is highly automated.

Progressive stamping versus regular stamping

Benefit of progressive stamping versus regular stamping – Komaspec gives you advise and offers both stamping options to match your specific needs!



Low stamping parts unit price
Better part dimension repeat ability (accuracy)


Investment in tooling is higher compared to regular die stamping
All parts geometry cannot be done with progressive stamping



Komaspec is able to do any geometry of metal parts
Tooling investment is lower


Unit price is less competitive than progressive stamping parts
Less repeat ability (accuracy)

Our Work

Example of parts made for OEM projects


Highly competitive prices

3 ways Komaspec optimizes your cost control strategy, without compromising  the quality levels of product and service

1. Smart factory and lean manufacturing
    High control, high automation, high real time management, low inventory, low waste.

2. Most efficient execution system with state of the art IT system
    Optimize processes and shorten lead time.

3. Strong global network of partners and suppliers
    Higher performance, lower costs.

Let us quote you products you are already buying or new product development! You will experience the difference.

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