Plastic injection molding & assembly in China

Plastic Manufacturing process

Plastic injection molding and  assembly in China

For any volume, Komaspec is your preferential provider of plastic injection parts & assembly in China

MaterialColorEquipmentSecondary ProcessFinishing Available
Standard PlasticCustomPlastic Injection 130TAssembly Over MouldingPad Printing
Engineering PlasticColorPlastic Injection 190TInsert AssemblySilk Printing
ABS, PP,PantonePlastic Injection 320TUltrasonic Plastic Welding

Why working with Komaspec on your plastic injection parts and assembly?

We constantly put effort in making the best tooling for plastic injection as we believe that tooling is the key for great quality parts & processing efficiency.

Komaspec can deliver plastic parts, sub-assembly of plastic and metal and/or finished products made of plastic injection parts & other components.

We take the time to understand your needs and propose tooling investment & unit costs based on your business needs.

Komaspec only uses genuine material.

Example of parts made for OEM projects


Highly competitive prices

3 ways Komaspec optimizes your cost control strategy, without compromising  the quality levels of product and service

1. Smart factory and lean manufacturing
    High control, high automation, high real time management, low inventory, low waste.

2. Most efficient execution system with state of the art IT system
    Optimize processes and shorten lead time.

3. Strong global network of partners and suppliers
    Higher performance, lower costs.

Let us quote you products you are already buying or new product development! You will experience the difference.

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