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Turnkey manufacturing

Turnkey manufacturing in China

Komaspec provides turnkey solutions in two ways: for existing products and for new product development.

Our aim is to maximize your savings.

Existing products

We supply you with products made to your specifications with “Made In China” prices.

We manufacture on your behalf. Komaspec serves as the extension of your design and manufacturing department. Companies that only search throughout Asia for a low cost manufacturing base often end up with low production quality. We at Komaspec guarantee to optimize your cost control strategy without compromising your product’s quality.

We manufacture and deliver our clients custom-made products according to their quality and quantity specifications. Our team maintains high quality and competitive pricing for all the products we manufacture.

New product development

We work with your R&D department to optimize the design and manufacturing process of your new products.

Maximizing savings starts with R&D – we keep this in mind at the beginning of new product designing.

Our team of engineers has an extensive knowledge of manufacturing and disposes of the most efficient and cost effective methods. We will work with your R&D team to optimize your new product design while offering you the most competitive prices.

Our project team collaborates with our clients and builds strong partnerships to ensure understanding of their specific needs and to implement, manage and control all aspects of operations. We assist in the development of processes and seek to find solutions to cut manufacturing costs and to improve the quality standard of our customers’ products.

Komaspec maintains longstanding relationships of more than 6 years with its components suppliers to optimize its supply chain and boost Komaspec’s ability to be competitive.


Highly competitive prices

3 ways Komaspec optimizes your cost control strategy, without compromising  the quality levels of product and service

1. Smart factory and lean manufacturing
    High control, high automation, high real time management, low inventory, low waste.

2. Most efficient execution system with state of the art IT system
    Optimize processes and shorten lead time.

3. Strong global network of partners and suppliers
    Higher performance, lower costs.

Let us quote you products you are already buying or new product development! You will experience the difference.

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