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The demand for contract manufacturer with the scale as well as expertise to continuously deliver quality products in the technical & high precision industry is constantly growing.

At Komaspec, our goal is to offer personalized turnkey contract manufacturing experiences to MNC and brands in need of high quality products that are built to specifications every single day. In order to achieve unmatched customer experience, we are investing and transforming our vertically integrated factories into smart factories, from order to shipment.

Corporate Social Responsibility
at Komaspec

Komaspec is paying constant and devoted energy to ensure that its employees are able to work in a safely manner as well as in an efficient and friendly working environment.


Having a manufacturing experience of 10+ years and serving customers from various industries as well as from different countries, the Komaspec team has gained the understanding of markets, experience and the necessary skills to manufacture according to its customers’ specific needs.


Komaspec is 100% owned and managed by two qualified Canadian engineers based in China. Having started with a headcount of 5 people back in 2005, Komaspec has grown to a manufacturing company employing more than 100 people with a strong expertise in manufacturing technology for plastic, metal and electronic products.

  • Industry 4.0 introduction

    Industry 4.0, representing the fourth industrial revolution, indicates the usage of big data and therefore enables the collection of a high amount of diverse data at a higher speed. The so called Internet of Things refers to the connection of machines and other technical devices, communicating with each other and being centrally controllable.

  • Advantages of Industry 4.0

    The advantages of Industry 4.0 take manufacturing to a whole new level, providing managers a better basis for decision making and is time & cost saving. Customer-specific manufacturing is achieved easier and manufacturing as well as maintaining processes can considerably be improved when factories comply with industry 4.0. By checking control panels instead of every single step of the process, industry 4.0 enables faster detection of defects & problems in the manufacturing process.

  • Industry 4.0 at Komaspec

    Being a world class manufacturer, Komaspec complies with industry 4.0 principles. The digital connection of all technical devices and machines through our tablet application makes all manufacturing processes visible and controllable in real time. As a result, we are able to recognize mistakes in great detail and debug within short time.

Smart Factory

Smart factories are one of the directions characterizing the future of the industry, which Komaspec is devoting to. Within this process, we work towards the automatic organization of production processes and logistic systems without human labor. Our equipment & modern execution systems are the backbone of realizing this goal. So far, it has considerably improved the efficiency of manufacturing, reduced labor costs & other waste.


Design for manufacturability (DFM) is an engineering art of designing products in a way that they are easy to manufacture. Based on modeling of products and systems in a virtual environment, our excellent engineering team and their intensive manufacturing knowledge, DFM strategy has helped Komaspec to find and solve potential or existing structural and performance issues as well as to reduce the manufacturing costs and improve design for manufacturing efficiency.

Lead Time

For Komaspec it is vital to reach short lead time along all processes within and outside the factory. Our tablet framework connecting all technical devices enables immediate update and implementation of instructions within the construction phase. As a result, all processes from the incoming material to the final production can be monitored and optimized, saving waste and time along all stages.

Lean Manufacturing and 6S

Implementing lean manufacturing, Komaspec is constantly holding a low inventory to eliminate waste whenever possible. In order to ensure a rapid and smooth flow of products and components into our facility, we maintain tight and trustful partnerships with our suppliers. Additionally, according to the 6S concept, Komaspec eliminates defects and reduces variability in manufacturing in order to achieve processes that are 99.99966% free of defects.

Quality Performance Tracking

By introducing Pivot88, the digitized quality control facilitates the monitoring and inspecting of all processes in real time and therefore provides more visibility and transparency along all manufacturing stages. Additionally, Komaspec provides its customers with an individual access to the custom designed system and thus can monitor all processes of their product parts’ development and finalization in real time.

Reverse Engineering

Komaspec is a solution giving company and reverse engineering is an important part of it. We extract knowledge or design information from our manufacturing process and products and re-produce anything based on the extracted information. We draft, design and reconstruct according to the specific needs of our customers in 3D model. Reverse engineering has helped us to better analyse, control and improve the manufacturing process.

Suppliers & Partners

We are maintaining long-term relationships with a supply base that has grown to consist of more than 125 suppliers. Trust, reliability and high quality standards represent Komaspec’s priorities with regard to the evaluation of those relationships.

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At Komaspec, we always endeavour to work with suppliers that share our values and vision.
Customer success is our success

Therefore, we seek to grow with them and add value to their operations, everyday.

Komaspec brings more than 200 newly finished products to production every year that are manufactured from thousands of custom made components.

Everyday, our technical commodity buyers are seeking reliable Tier 3 & Tier 2 suppliers.