News Articles

10 June 2016
Komaspec ordered new laser cutting equipment

Komaspec ordered a new high precision Mitsubishi laser cutting CO2 equipment for thickness up to 16.0 mm that will be delivered in September 2016.

01 June 2016
CS Mok joins Komaspec as engineering manager

Komaspec welcomes CS Mok as a new engineering manager. With more than 30 years experience in engineering & manufacturing operation, CS Mok will contribute to our goal of digitalizing the engineering.

30 November 2015
Maxime Berube, CEO of Komaspec gives speech at Shanghai Procurement Summit

Maxime Berube, CEO of Komaspec, was invited to the Shanghai Procurement Summit 2015 as a speaker. Dealing with the keynote “Digitalizing Quality Control: Enhanced Control and Visibility from Supply to Delivery” was essentially to explain how Komaspec is implementing real-time quality control monitoring system in its manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China.

05 September 2015
Implementation of IQC real-time quality control monitoring

Komaspec has completed the implementation of IQC real-time quality control monitoring using Pivot88, a SAS to monitor quality, from incoming material to finished goods and WIP control.

01 September 2015
New factory manager

Komaspec welcomes Udi Nesher with more than 25 years experience in manufacturing operation management as a new factory manager.

01 October 2014
Exhibition in Hong Kong
01 April 2014
Komaspec is starting implementation of Pivot88, a SAS to monitor quality, from incoming material to finished goods and WIP control;
27 March 2014
Purchasing of a new MAG / MIG Miller Welding Robot for our ABB 1410
27 December 2013
Implementation of 6S across the whole factory & office in China.
27 September 2013
Successful first automation project with reduction of labor by 75% on manual stamping.
27 August 2013
Implementation of IPAD table to provide our Team Leader in Fabrication drawings & schedule in Real Time.
27 July 2013
Implementation of One Piece Flow Fabrication including stamping, drilling, tube bending & welding all in one fabrication cell;
27 June 2013
Purchasing of a CNC sheet bending;
27 May 2013
Opening of our new facility with 38,500 SQF in Huadu, Guangzhou, China.
27 December 2012
Purchasing of a 2 new Miller MIG & 2 Lincoln MIG.
27 August 2012
Purchasing of a 160T Stamping Machine.
27 July 2012
Purchasing of a CNC tube “double dies 3 axis “ machine.
27 June 2012
Purchasing of a CNC tube reducing machine.
25 June 2012
Purchasing of an automatic feeder for stamping machine (progressive tooling).
17 June 2012
Purchasing of a new ABB robot 1410.
12 June 2012
Komaspec now include Belgium as a territory served by our manufacturing service. We signed in June an agreement with a major Belgium group.
27 May 2012
Purchasing of a CNC tube bending able to make 2 different radius per setup as well as variable continuous bending.
07 May 2012
We proudly welcome 3 new persons in our team, to say one CNC engineer, one senior planner and one Project engineer.
27 October 2010
Komaspec opens a new 12,500 square feet factory in Huadu, Guangzhou, China.