Frequently Asked Questions

China / Chinese situation related questions

  • Is Komaspec “made in China”? Is the quality of Komaspec’s products good?

    Komaspec is a Western owned and managed company, based in China. The owners are Canadian and the Komaspec  team, customers, partners, suppliers are globally. High quality is one of our unique selling points, which can be attained thanks to our most modern executive system, high qualified colleagues and global partnership and cooperation. Please also check the reviews and testimonials from our customers and you will get to know more about the quality of our products and services.

  • I’ve heard the quotation from Chinese companies change often, is Komaspec’s quotation reliable?

    The quotation from Komaspec is totally reliable. We have a reporting and checking system, all quotation must be evaluated and approved before being put in effect.

  • Is the clients’ Intellectual Property well protected by Komaspec in China?

    Yes, Komaspec protects the clients’ Intellectual property well. As a contract manufacturer, Komaspec manufactures your products in-house. If we need to source some components from a sub-contractor, we only do it for relevant parts, so that the sub-contractors cannot obtain a full understanding of your products and secrets.

  • How can I know if Komaspec has a reliable factory to work with in China?

    The best and fastest way is to visit our factory in China and we will be pleased to demonstrate how we work as well as to show you the manufacturing and quality control process. Moreover, we recommend to read the testimonials from our customers by checking the ‘Explore Komaspec’ part on our website.

  • Usually, the sales representative of my Chinese suppliers do not know anything about engineering or manufacturing, they are just translators. Are Komaspec’s account managers in China the same?

    We believe experienced account manager can attain better sales. Therefore, Komaspec always hires experienced account managers with an engineering background.

  • A design firm made my new products’ design in imperial, while from experience, China uses the metric system. What can I do?

    It is true that most standard components and raw materials in China are in metric, but it is sometimes necessary to re-design products based on Chinese standards and metric standard.

Company related questions

  • Is Komaspec a Chinese company?

    Komaspec is a Western owned and managed company, based in China. The owners are Canadian and the Komaspec team is international. Customers, partners and suppliers are from all over the world.

  • Is Komaspec a private company?

    Yes, Komaspec is a privately and 100% owned by a Singapore Holding called Komaspec Pte Ltd. Komaspec’s owners are Canadian.

  • Why do you have a Western manager base in China?

    This is a century characterized by international cooperation, developing globally and world village. China is the booming land with various resources and opportunities, but Western countries are still leading in some areas like technology and innovation. We believe that communication and specifications are critical to ensure short lead time, quality and competitiveness. Having Western managers enables Komaspec to react faster due to easier understanding. As a result, manufacturing mistakes as well as waste all along the manufacturing process can be reduced.

  • What is a contract manufacturer?

    A contract manufacturer is a firm that manufactures finished products under the label or brand of another firm, based on the other firm’s own specifications.

  • What is vertically integrated?

    Vertical integration is a style of management control for supply chain companies in which several steps in the production of a product are controlled by a single company.

  • How can I be assured that Komaspec is the right partner for us?

    First, Komaspec is a ‘contract manufacturer’ specialized in plastic and metal assembly. We serve the following industries: Industrial Equipment, Automotive, Transportation, Agricultural Equipment, Energy, Construction, Theater & Stage Rigging, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Recreational, Safety, Motorcycling & ATV.

  • How can Komaspec have a fast shipment and shorter lead time than many of its counterparts?

    Lean manufacturing, small/medium size batch manufacturing, vertical integration in the supply chain and long-term relationships with our suppliers enable us to have a quick changeover set up and response. Additionally, Komaspec cares about its customers and takes their needs and problems very seriously and reacts quickly.

Customer related questions

  • How do you get your clients?

    Being small but a high quality providing company at the beginning, most of our clients came to us by being referred mouth-to-mouth. As our reputation has been growing in the industry and is reaching far outside, a large number of new customers find us on the internet and contact us directly. Due to the satisfaction of our current customers, the amount of referrals is still considerably high. The majority of our clients are from Canada, USA, Europe and South-East Asia.

  • What are Komaspec’s target customers in terms of purchasing $ in China?

    The minimum yearly volume requirement to set up a new customer account is 100,000 USD / year.

  • What is the minimum order size/value you accept?

    Usually, our clients order a minimum of 2,500 USD/SKU per order.

  • Do you have any reference from customers who have worked with you in the past, so we could verify your credential as a potential supplier?

    Should you need any reference, please contact us at info@komaspec.com and we will be pleased to provide you with a reference list upon request.

  • Can Komaspec process raw material from overseas for us?

    It is no problem for us to process raw material from overseas as we have the import/export license to import most of the raw material we may need.

Payment & Delivery related questions

  • How do we pay Komaspec invoices?

    Komaspec accepts TT and LC.

  • Can Komaspec, as our preferred contract manufacturer in China, finance our tooling or at least amortize our tooling in China?

    Please contact us at info@komaspec.com and we will be pleased to discuss every possibility.

  • Can Komaspec ship products to our factory in China or to our suppliers in China?

    Yes, we have an import and export license to ship to any company in and/or outside China.

  • What are the payment terms when working with Komaspec China?

    Komaspec’s payment terms are 40% at order and 60% at samples approval for tooling. For regular orders, the payment terms are 40% at order and 60% at sight of BL.

  • Can you take charge of the shipment DDU (Door to Door) or CIF our country?

    Yes, it is possible  to handle your shipment (produced by Komaspec) to supervise/book the shipment on your behalf as we already have a network of shipping forwarder we work with for various countries.

  • What is the difference between FOB and EXW terms?

    EXW (Ex Works) and FOB (Free on Bord) are pre-defined commercial terms (called Incoterm), widely used in international commercial transactions.

Qualification & specification related questions

  • What is the lean manufacturing methodology?

    Deriving from the Toyota Production System, lean manufacturing is a systematic method for the elimination of waste. Ideally during the manufacturing, processes should only add “value” that a customer would be willing to pay for. It includes an assembly-line methodology oriented towards achieving the shortest possible cycle time by eliminating waste.  All non-value-added steps (NVA) are seen as waste and should be eliminated.        

  • Does your factory have CTPAT certification in China?

    We are currently working to get the CTPAT certification for our factory in China.

  • Is your factory ISO in China?

    No, we have very strict quality control systems and we invested time and money in a QC platform to enable full control & real-time visibility over our manufacturing from incoming material to shipment.

  • Do you use AQL to do quality control before shipment in your factory?

    We have a Quality Control Platform linked to our ERP. Therefore, each and every part is controlled and inspected at each step of fabrication. It is impossible for a part or product to pass through our fabrication system without being inspected.

Technical & project related questions

  • What is TIG and MIG welding?

    Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) are both shielded arc welding applications, but are very different. MIG welding is created with a consumable electrode, while TIG welding is created with a non-consumable electrode. TIG welding includes filler metal as well.

  • What is the difference between a simple die stamping and a progressive stamping?

    A progressive stamping die is a metalworking device that is designed and built to perform two or more operations sequentially at different positions. A simple die stamping is designed to perform only one operation.

  • To which type of steel do you have access in your factory?

    China, as the biggest steel producing country in the world, provides a lot of different kinds of steel. At Komaspec, depending on the customer specification, we usually use Hot Rolled steel (Q235, Q275), Cold Rolled steel and Stainless steel (304, 316, 201, 430).

  • Which type of plastic do you use in your factory?

    As for steel, it is easy for us to match with your plastic specification material due to the great choice provided in China. For our plastic injection, we usually use: ABS, ABSV0, PE, HDPE, PP, Nylon(PA6, PA66) PC, uPVC and PVC.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Send us an email with your specific question and we will do our best to provide you with an appropriate answer as soon as possible.